The Space Between is a society for the study of literature and culture of the period between the First and Second World Wars. It provides an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary forum for discussion and research of texts, authors and new approaches to traditionally canonical works. It also encourages fresh examinations of art, society and culture illuminating the interwar and wartime periods.

About & Membership

The Space Between was created as a scholarly society in 1997 to expand the possibilities for interdisciplinary discussion of studies in the interwar and wartime periods covered by 1914–1945.  Since the society’s inaugural gathering, it has sponsored 21 annual conferences.  In addition, the society sponsors a peer-reviewed journal, published annually every fall. Space Between Membership: … Continue reading About & Membership

Annual Conference

2023 Conference: OUTSIDERS, OUTLAWS, AND OUTREACH IN THE SPACE BETWEEN, 1914-1945 West Texas A&M University,Canyon, Texas, USAJune 8-10, 2023 Our annual conference brings together members of the Space Between Society, inviting scholars across disciplines to speak to topics related to the period from 1914-1945. Our upcoming 2023 conference, Outsiders, Outlaws, and Outreach in the Space … Continue reading Annual Conference


2023 General Issue Submissions for consideration for the next general issue are recommended by December 31, 2022. The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914–1945 is the annual peer-reviewed journal sponsored by The Space Between Society. NOW LIVE:  2021 General Issue The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914–1945 is devoted to interdisciplinary scholarship on the period bracketed by … Continue reading Journal

Officers and Advisory Board

Officers and Advisory Board members are elected by society members for three-year terms. Elections take place electronically prior to the annual conference, with terms beginning at the conclusion of the meeting. The election cycle begins with nominations from January through March, elections held in April, and results announced by email in May. Bylaws for the … Continue reading Officers and Advisory Board

Book Announcements

Check out the new book publications by Space Between members! LAURYL TUCKER, Unexpected Pleasures: Parody, Queerness & Genre in 20th-Century British Fiction, Feb. 2022.  What are the sources—and the effects—of the pleasurable feeling of power that genre gives us? What happens to that power when conventionality tips into parody? Unexpected Pleasures explores the connection between genre parody … Continue reading Book Announcements


The Space Between continues to develop mentorship and professional development opportunities for members. Space Between Members are welcomed to participate in the 1:1 Mentorship Program or attend any of the upcoming Workshops.