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Surrealist Sabotage Stories from the Space Between

What is Surrealist Sabotage and what does it have in common with "quiet quitting" and today's gig economy? This episode considers these questions as we look into the political aspects of surrealism with Abigail Susik, Associate Professor of Art History at Willamette University and author of Surrealist Sabotage and the War on Work (Manchester University Press, 2021). We discuss the war on work in early twentieth-century France, the "art strikes" they included, and the art work they inspired. While we cover well-known surrealists like André Breton and Louis Aragon, we also discuss perhaps lesser-known figures like Simon Breton and Óscar Domínguez.
  1. Surrealist Sabotage
  2. Archaeology
  3. Airmindedness
  4. Interwar Appliances
  5. Poland

About the Podcast

“Tell us a story from the space between.” This podcast shares stories of people, places, events and ideas from the period between the First and Second World Wars as well as the wars themselves. We seek contributors who can tell us about topics that researchers in this period might not know about and that wider audiences with an interest in the early twentieth century will find interesting. The point of this podcast is to get researchers to share information in a conversational format. What have you found in the archive? Can you tell us about a person and their work and what you find fascinating about them? Is there an historic event that has gone under-reported? Any trends or technologies to discuss? What have you read or watched that needs more attention? In short: share something from this period that will help us understand it a bit better—whether it’s from a published work, work in progress, ongoing research or personal interest. 

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