Annual Conference

Race in the Space Between, 1914-1945

June 1-5 2021

Join the Space Between Society for our 22nd annual conference: Race in the Space Between, 1914-1945. Our virtual conference this year focuses specifically on questions and problems related to race and racial formation in the years between 1914-1945. Registration is now open.

For scholars who study literature, history, media, art, society, and culture between 1914 and 1945, or between and during the two world wars of the twentieth-century, the Space Between Society invites them to exchange ideas about their approaches and their objects of study.

This year’s conference addresses the key roles that race played in creative, intellectual, ideological, and political conversations from 1914-1945. Self-consciously or not, interwar and wartime authors, artists, political figures, public intellectuals, and public officials around the world invested in the concept of race. For some, race was a means to assert social identity. For others, race informed concepts of modernity and/or modernism. For still others, race shaped views of time and place, structuring how interwar and wartime cultures were interpreted, received, deployed, and exchanged.

Conference participants have been invited to consider:

  • The cultural and scientific assumptions about race that shape various sites during this period and our knowledge about it.
  • The methods utilized in the arts and humanities to analyze race as a component of cultural production.
  • The challenges of thinking about race and bringing such work into conversation with scholars in the wide range of fields represented in the Space Between Society.

We welcome Space Between Society members to join us for our annual conference, as well as new attendees.  Register here!  The 2021 conference also seeks to offer 1:1 mentoring opportunities for its participants.